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Three white papers to be put into book form: 

Tachyon, Probability Waves, and Замполит Один (Zampolit Odin), all three copyrighted © 2021 Robert B Cronkhite.

Tachyon: Deals with a time predominate mechanism to reach vast distances in space within short periods of time, 

Probability waves: Considers the 50% to 80%  of clusters of non-linear accumulations of events in linear time with observable linear periods.

Замполиt Один (Zampolit Odin ): Investigates the intriguing and shocking "already here" observations of some, that a powerful political entity has been in the United States for years and is organized and already a powerful, yet covert, influence upon the forgotten, abandoned, and rejected of society in America. ACCP (ASSR)  keeps hidden and ignored, whilst the prosperity and political elites, "the connected", are oblivious. Already in nursing home, amongst the homeless, and among the Disabled American Veterans, are  finallyable to get the help, food, clothing, even medical aide. Some of these turned away and denied such from the VA, laodicean religious organizations, and government funded programs, for decades, have been and are allowing Russian, Cuban, and possibly Chinese, and Islamic underground groups their needed recruits for a, ...НОВА АМЕРИКА! , ¡NUEVA AMERICA! NEW AMERIKA!, ...yet, as Victor Hugo said, "The paradise of the rich is made out of the hell of the poor." The comfortable and arrogant seem, as too many others, to never learn not to repeat history!

We're published in the Nos. 35 & 36 of the double issue of the scientific publication, The Carrollian, of the Lewis Carroll Society in the UK!

Our article, And You Too..., Through the Looking Glass!, is about the scientific means to pass through a mirror into another space and time! See further information in our 11th paragraph below! 2022 is about to be more profound, than many could bear to imagine! In honor of the 150th Anniversary of Lewis Carroll publishing, Through the Looking Glass, in 1871!

A Hole Through the Sun! Yes, the concept of a hole through the Sun or any star may seem far-fetched, but in hypergeometry it is not! Consider that already with a 1 meter diameter Tachyon mass pulse would pass right through the Sun without any obvious perception from Earth of such an event. At 370,000 c, the speed of geometry, this occurs easily for an impacting Hypersphere! Why? Because they are both Kinetically Irrelevant to each other, meaning the Sun and the Hypersphere! In that situation, the Hypersphere is a Tachyon to the Sun, and the Sun is a Tachyon to the Hypersphere. This is true for any planet or other star in the path of the Hypersphere's transit through space-time on each side of the Event Horizon for each. In hypergeometry, the Hypersphere is existing in 1/s = Time-Space to any object it is passing through. The passage for the Hypersphere is through the 5-D mantle of the 4-D universe we are able to clearly observe and measure. Is it possible to trigger a star, as like our Sun, into pulsing or becoming unstable? Yes, this could occur if a large enough mass in the Tachyon state, for some reason "slows down" below c to a Tardyon, and because of any quantum hysteresis of internal space-time in the stellar core, could certainly destabilize a star as our Sun. A rare vent, but possible one with the ofttimes instabilities within especially larger stars that may try to compensate for, but with some over spilling if you will of stellar material. This is a different perspective also in what happens in nuclear explosions. In Hypergeometric Mechanics, matter is seemingly converted to energy, but may actually be trading sides with energy through the 5-D mantle of our universe, where as the rest of the surrounding material is vastly accelerated to such profound destructive energies. Between Tardyon and Tachyon, there is really no "slowing down" or "speeding up"; they suddenly are at 370,000 c one way or the other. Their mass is mutually negative and in the opposite direction of time. Has this been done experimentally already? We shall pursue these things further with time.

2020 AD, is the Tenth Anniversary of Hypersphere, ...a Journey at the Speed of Geometry,( 1st Edition 2010 AD, 2nd Edition 2013 AD) and the concepts of Hypergeometric Mechanics (2010 AD)! The book was published in 2010 AD along with the establishments of copyrights and patents upon these ideas. It was after some years of prior experiments that it had gained quiet reception to international recognition and use by some of the advanced technological, mathematical, and scientific interests around the world. By 2014 AD the British Interplanetary Society published an article incorporating some of its grander implications in that years November issue of Spaceflight. Now with refinements and more experimentations our Superuniverse concepts are being also refined and seems to be hinted more and more with the higher resolutions of quantum observations and measurements, as well as such on the cosmic level. In our decoherent world of the macrocosmic, and everyday, such subtle indications are more to be seen. For example Bayesian Probabilites based on a priori and then the world line of a sequence of events, flipped to the future, implies much more determinism than many want to be willing to accept. Decisions may be such splitinging profound points in a many worlds view, and maybe the Superuniverse has shadows far more profound yet! Our supposed free-will is free, but very limited. Thank you for your support and continuing interest. Some of the Shapes of Things to Come, as HG Wells suggested may have already arrived! To travel long distances in space is to better relate to time and its articulation. It is written, "there is nothing new under the sun"! Our Galaxy alone has about 400 billion of them! Welcome to the future, .... and the past, and the present far more provocatively! - Robert B Cronkhite,

2020 AD.

I apologize for some delays, but 3 big subjects are being put together for to be revealed of our place in the Galaxy:

I) GALACTIC PERSPECTIVE, this is where humanity placed in a far larger setting of time and space and considering our Sun's orbit around the Galaxy that we live in, as such a perspective on human history, archaeology and anthropology and mirroring those time and space scales into our future. This is also utilizing Bayes' Theorem and the implications of such!

II) EARTH TO ALPHA CENTAURI IN JUST 6 MINUTES! This is to be relating to the furtherance of experiments first attempted in 2010 AD and now as a practicality. Ignored by paradigms in some of the present empires of our planet, but seriously considered by a few of the progressive empires, particularly one, that will in time be the one carrying onward out into the Galaxy. 

III) Zampolit Odin! / Замполит Один! This one is of the cultivated coming leader that has been not well considered, and one of the present empires actually to be dominated to the point that it's history will be replaced by this new system. This rise of a unipolar power will be so strong in the regimentation of Social Order, that democracy will be obsolete. Richard Hayes of the British Interplanetary Society, of which I'm a member, last year wrote of an article on the democracy's obsolescence. This is already more of a reality in military, and especially human colonies on the Moon and Mars to come. For humanity always trades one tyranny for another, especially for convenience, pleasure, and peace within a society. Advance technologies, and the use or programmed addiction of sophisticate technologies, and space colonization will require this.  

Thank you all for your kind patience!

Buckle your seat-belts, ...Welcome to the future!, in more and more ways, it already has arrived!

 Ladies and gentlemen, please make sure your video capabilities are updated on your computers. All videos are functional, and please enjoy and ponder! Welcome to the future! It will take courage as well as intelligence, to begin to prepare for these greater things!

Congratulations to Israel for the achievement of a spacecraft to get to the Moon! Despite the failure to land, it is a grand accomplishment to even reach the Moon. Knowing from past history, which reveals future history, Israel shall achieve a lunar landing and has begun her reach for the planets and the stars! Approximately, there is a 50% success rate for spacecraft able to fully meet their planned designs. This is just the beginning for Israel's Space age! Again, Congratulations, as successes are usually preceded by failure. 

Extrapolations!, ... or Perhaps Unsettling Reality! Considering the rising temperatures of our planet Earth over eons of time, is it possible, because of our lack of not having all the information available to us over those periods of time, that the Sun is older at least by 1 billion years or more! Maybe similar in age to the Alpha Centauri system of stars. Consider that because of the close orbital radius in our Milky Way Galaxy, despite Galactic orbital deviations over geologic periods of time, that our Sun and the Alpha Centauri stars are siblings from a far distant one cluster where they over sufficient time there had evolved together probably closer in time as well as in space. Also consider that if the Sun is beginning to burn at times Helium, along with Hydrogen, and as it ages, it would normally be increasing in it's output of heat and light. Perhaps, the possibility exists that though similar burning of even brief geological moments in time, both Alpha Centauri A and our Sun have both been beginning to burn Helium. 

Both may be older than we have previously contemplated with our scientific assurances. If the Sun is older perhaps at 5 and 1/2 to 6 to 7 billion years, and Alpha Centaur A at 6 and 1/2 to 7, (inclusive as a system age theoretically of Alpha Centauri B, and Proxima Centauri as Proxima does seem to be part of the Alpha Centauri System), than we have assumed. If true then Helium burning may be occurring more frequently, while not as obviously, already. Not continuously, but sporadically with increasing frequency. Perhaps this is a normal behavior in the main sequence when actually observed. Has their been some reporting of Sun "flashes" or "flickering"? At least variability of photon output of not such immediately observable variations, has been measured with more subtler observations and measurements. Neutrino flux may be apparent in parallel with these other indications. Please consider scientifically some of the already online videos of such. Some may be being more dramatic than what is actually happening, or ... perhaps not!. Perhaps this is the reality we may be facing, with not only the climate change consequences with more and more coverage relating to such based on present scientific and media presentations focused on just CO2 ( yet, unscientifically ignoring also the water vapor and CH4 factors inherent! ), as though the climate change can be kept as an illusion of possible human control! If this is the case, we are more doomed at this time in our Solar Systems history, than previously understood. Perhaps the pronounced imperative of our getting our civilization on to Mars, with our governments supporting this exodus, is really indicative of their actual impotence to what our "empires" are really able to control; thus they are aware of keeping such from public knowledge because of the panic of many! If suddenly in even the human experience, the Sun or Alpha Centauri A, has an increasing rate burning of Helium, then the effects would be catastrophic! All, even stone based, monuments of human achievement would melt with ensuing time as the temperatures would rise, making Earth a second Venus! Even slowly on the geologic scale of time, while enough within the human scale of time, our present capacities of civilization would be far more truncated. The solar "Constant" is not as constant as long ago was so presumed. Perhaps solar inconsistencies are at times far more overwhelming, as well. It is written, "there is nothing new under the Sun", perchance such volatilities are "nothing new"! There is a chapter on this in our book, Hypersphere, ... A Journey at the Speed of Geometry!

News! News! The Lewis Carroll Society of London, has published a grand new article by me, that I'm sure will provoke some new thinking! It's entitled, You Too, ... Through the Looking Glass! Here, with scientific validation, and an accompanying bibliography, is the presented process of enabling one to also pass through a mirror, like Alice! It shall be in the Nos. 35 & 36 in December 2021 issue of The Carrollian of The Lewis Carroll Society, of which I'm also a proud member. For the 150th Anniversay of Carroll's work, Throught the Looking Glass being published in 1871.

Lewis Carroll was far ahead of his time in the 19th century applying advanced geometry to his bold literary endeavors. Much of the conceptulizations in this article are also contained in my book, Hypersphere, ...A Journey at the Speed of Geometry! Consider this, that our decoherent world, including our local observable universe, is but the surface of the coherent greater mantle of our far larger Super-universe! The passage area, the Local Event Horizon, is much more subtle and smaller than the space between your finger almost touching your nose! When all conditions are right, very right, like a Boolean AND Gate, then you can also pass through a mirror and more! Dangerous, yet fantastic! Oh my yes, as then new worlds and new times open up, at 370,000 times the speed of light (c)! 

Lectures being scheduled first come - first served, so please after contact, be patient with scheduling. New books are in process, and please enjoy the books available world-wide at all your established book stores where all great science and mathematics books are found! All our books are available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle too, ... around the world!

All books now Available World Wide in all great bookstores, and on Amazon, and on Kindle!

2039 AD! At 370,000 time the speed of light, it is only around a half-hour away!

Just consider that the future is probably over 90 % probabilistically assertable. Why? 

In the realm of a mostly, deterministic universe, most patterns are replicating almost, but not exactly.This explains "free will" in a mostly deterministic universe, that's actually rotating. Another discussion of that in the future here. For now, in space certain geometries replicate, and so in time as well. Again, not exactly, but remarkably very much so!

In 1939 AD there was the Worlds Fair in New York. In 2039 AD, there will be the 100th anniversary of this 1939 World Fair, and very very likely a celebration of it with some possible replications of the notable Perisphere and the Trylon Tower. Trends seem to replicate in human history, and with technology being so predominant in the last couple of centuries or so, with a progressive function continuum. So with about a 90 %+ certainty some things can be quite probable. Now if a major world war or massive asteroid impact upsets this continuum, then such progression should be very forgotten and such possibilities are suddenly truncated or ended completely. If we take the case of the Hypersphere and it's velocity of 370,000 times c, the speed of light, then we could visit ahead in time of our present world line, to 2039 AD. This would take about a half-hour to get there temporally, and 21 light years spatially, at the time and space of this writing.

Welcome to the future, and the past, and the passing present!

Please take a look at our book, Hypersphere, ... A Journey at the Speed of Geometry!

CONGRATULATIONS Elon Musk, for the successful launching of Falcon Heavy! Your vision is welcomed and extraordinary! You have well showed up your competition, which has been dragging their feet for decades in the theatre of human based launch capabilities to a return to the Moon and to finally going to Mars, for too many long decades. The politics being so evident in your being almost constantly discouraged, side-tracked, and ignored, yet IN ONE DAY you have been able to embarrass your critics! At dawn, your competition was asleep underestimating the Japanese at Pearl Harbor on that morning in December, 1941 AD, and was once again asleep underestimating the Russians on October, 1957 AD, when they launched Sputnik, and again in 1961 AD with the launch of Yuri Gargarin as the first human in space! It is written for one to, "never trust upon their chariots," to "never presume upon others," especially a supposed "enemy," and to underestimate and belittle another culture, as the consequence is always for those who practice such, to be very suddenly surprised. Again, those who practice such presumption, have also never seem to have known, that it is written; "count the cost of another king seriously, and make cooperation before there is conflict!" When will they ever learn? The "arrogant goeth before their fall," again it is written. "Those who do not study history; tend to repeat it!" God bless you Mr Musk, so now on to Mars, and a return to the Moon! Finally, humankind is powerfully inspired again! The future reveals the past; the past reveals the future! Empires rise and fall, in the past, in the present, and in the days to come!

Ponder this, that in 1,000 years, as was Ancient Rome, will then be the temporary empires of today. The Galaxy still turns, the Sun and her planets still compass their grand orbit, and what is really important will be only that which will last the ages! Welcome to the future!

CRONKHITE-TECHNION's Theatre Now Showing!

Future History, ...

The Road to Ancient Rome!

It is a remarkable consideration, when applying Hypergeometric Mechanics to the actual traverse to 320 AD, of 1,698 years ago! If one considers the World Line to a past place and time, and applying a principal where at 370,00 times the speed of light in reverse time, then one should be able to effectively arrive 1,698 years ago, and 1,698 light years away! Back along the Sun's Galactic orbit, towards the Constellation of Orion, and allowing for the movement of the Milky Way Galaxy in favor of it's own motion towards the direction of the North Galactic Pole, one should find a good consequence! At 370,000 times c, in reverse time, would take not quite 48 Earth hours! Being liberal with our application of such theory, we may appear in the sky, over Rome of 320 AD. If entanglement is maintained and with as little Kinetic Interference as permitted, we may be able to photograph, and possibly on the surface, even gather leakage of phonetic and acoustic evidence. If this is possible, perchance even already done, of course with such extreme accuracies required; one could arrive in Rome, speaking Latin of the proper dialect, having proper attire, and even being left behind if the entanglement is broken. Now we are on a new World Line, an alternate history, and so our intrepid traveler, born in the 21st century, would probably perish in the 4th century. There would be no problem with causality upon our present World Line. Our traveler would disappear from our time and place. This is a procedure in accordance to Quantum Mechanics on a grander scale. Once entanglement is broken, the tunneling of our traveler is finished. Now our traveler is able to Kinetically Interfere in 320 AD. Hawking's Causality Protection Conjecture could be based on spatial distance. Any light based signals would be undetectable from that place and time, 1,698 years ago, and way below the background noise level as to be irrelevant to our time, even if our traveler was remaining (entanglement and tunneling maintained ) on the same World Line. No matter, our decoherent existence seems related to the relativistic cosmic on one extreme, and quantum microcosmic on the other. Decoherent existence seems sandwiched between coherent existence along a vast continuum of space and time. Thus, our local observable 4-D Universe upon our more subtle mantle of a 5-D Super Universe! ( See our books, Odyssey of the Ages, and, Hypersphere, ... A Journey at the Speed of Geometry!)

Enjoy the video below, thanks to Kirubino,"Pax Romana". Music by Vangelis, "Across the Mountains":

Ancient Rome reconstructed

Ancient Rome in all his glory

"But his (Ancient Rome ) glory died, he was just another kingdom of this world that was born, lived, and died". (Marcus)

It is written, "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven..." (Eccl 3:1)

"The past reveals the future, and the future reveals the past." (Yours humbly truly)

Civilization as Mechanism!, and The Fermi Paradox!

Considering human civilization and the Fermi Paradox of, "Where are they?", and our human global civilization of collective empires, thus appraising ourselves as the benchmark of being "civilized", and it's being perceived on a far greater scale, perhaps the Galactic Scale; then is it not more similar to the same geometries as bacteriological colonies viewed from a greater scale to a microscopic scale, as through a microscope? Consider, as per the law of large numbers, that our socio-economic colonies of varying sizes as nodes and that between them are stringlike structures enabling inter-colony exchange. This could be likened to our cities and towns and villages interconnected by roads and trails and pathways. 

All these cover our planet in varying densities and metabolic rates. On this scale, humanity now is more quantified and qualified upon an expanse of space-time, that more equivocates our structure and function to more realistic and proper perspective.

All the politics aside, for are they just biases of one colony to another in the order of self- interest? People do not like to humble themselves and their collective interests as such, but essentially this view of biological structure and function is actually a machine. Incremental extrapolation of such structure and function and with repeated refinements, are the machine

"improving" it own self interests to perpetuate itself, over other similar machines. Hmmm, a fractal geometry? All these machines are thermodynamic mechanisms. Thus, Civilization as Mechanism!

We are arrogant, stubborn and very self-promoting! Just observe the activity of humanity upon the roads in traffic, needing fuels of any kind to produce and transform energy for work, consumerism behaviour in the market places, and even our wars to attempt to finalize with enough power over the ethics, wisdom and intellectual ability in a perceived adversary to our own selfish selves, as individuals and as smaller colonies within larger colonies. In order for us, as a species to seek "other civilizations" within our Galaxy, how do we establish that we ourselves are "civilized"? From afar, we are reduced to the law of large numbers as per a larger scale of space and time perception, upon a much smaller scale of such. It is written, 'pride goeth before a fall", but arrogance and a presumption "mastery"of our limited environment, and in reality an inability to even govern ourselves, precedes our assumptions of our future in the Galaxy. If we follow an economic point of view, knowing our history, would you buy this stock, and really feel assured of it's security of future? "Presumption is the bane of many a fallen king and queen", so I don't apologize for being dystopian. But based on repeated verifiable evidence (history), we scientifically have a past, that more than vaguely reveals our future! Until we can govern ourselves, which we like to think we can do (very cosmetic jewelry); we need to realize that any advanced non-human intelligence with advanced technology may have a vastly more scientific, and less complimentary appraisal of the human race! 

Ladies & Gentlemen, I'm now also with, The Lewis Carroll Society, in the United Kingdom, of which I'm proud to announce. Please look into the phenomenal writing of Lewis Carrol, for he too was very much ahead of his time!

You Too, ... Through the Looking Glass? Oh my, sometimes asking questions, the right ones, are even more

provocative, than the answers, ... until for some they are answered! In the established and accepted realms of Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, De Broglie's Theorem, Schrodinger's Equation dealing with the Wave Function; one is faced with a universe more profound, than at first apparent. For many it is profound enough, but to those whom dare to ponder and experiment further, we are soon faced with very astounding possibilities, that are very mathematically probable! In accordance within the last several decades of discoveries in physics and applied geometry of such. As so much is more and more dependent upon wavelength and frequency per oscillations of objects moving and seemingly static, we find that Lewis Carroll, as a geometrist in the 19th century, could easily have been applying such theory to reality, in his book, Through the Looking Glass, where his protagonist, Alice, passes into the world on the other side of a looking glass, a mirror, in today's vernacular. Similarly, for the Hypersphere to be entangled and lose inertia on this side of an Event Horizon, and suddenly be at 370,000 times the speed of light, and in negative time duration relatively to us, on this side of the same Event Horizon, is quite similar somewhat. 

Looking at Newton's Cradle and other seemingly little more than toys for children, also implies Inertial Mirrors and other far more profound functions; that for most, if not glimpsed are never really seen, or rather just ignored. Again, I thank those of, The Lewis Carroll Society, UK, for their welcoming me, and my perspectives to come. Welcome to the future, ...the past, and the present, in a far more wonderful way, .... vis a' vis, Alice In Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll prior to his, Through the Looking Glass, all in the 19th century. See our book, of the 21st century Hypersphere, ...A Journey at the Speed of Geometry!

Beyond The Galaxy! The Hypersphere, based on 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries of established, but presently non-focused science and mathematics, is capable of traversing great distance and in very fast relevant periods of time. The core of our Galaxy is but less than a month away, the Magellanic Clouds but a half of an Earth year, and even the Andromeda Galaxy is but about 7 Earth years! How profound for a system first proven in 2010 AD, and overlooked continuously, and yet for the present epoch in limited human history, just not considered relevant. 

Whilst we could dwell upon such lack of foresight, it is now wondrous to be able to share, and with profound demonstration, that such "irrelevance" is yet provocatively attainable, and has been in first order experimentations.

Consider, as Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are, emphasizing the counterintuitive, as Hypergeometric Mechanics does. In reference to our article published in the British Interplanetary society's magazine, Spaceflight, of November, 2014 AD, there is a mantle of The 5-D Tachyon World underlying what we perceive as the 4-D world of recognizable space-time. What this entails is a grand travers of very extreme distance in negative time.

The Tachyon World seems to be having, in relation to our perspective, a "rest velocity" of 370,000 times the speed of light. Of course, we seem to be at a similar "rest velocity" as well, but the directions of time we experience is appearing "reversed" to The Tachyon World, as it's time is to ours. Thus, to non-linearly travel such vast spatial distances in such expediency of forward time, it is in reality, a temporal distance of negative time. In experiments with the Hypersphere here and amongst those presently interested, there are already small Hypersphere probes already entangled and tunneled amongst the scale of interstellar space, and also our near inter-galactic space! In future lectures, we are preparing subtle but very profound demonstration, as ethically dared. It is formidable to witness such experimentation in such a present day of a politically limited politicized and corporate "scientific" environment. It is an inherent responsibility for the individual, "amateur", experimenter, to dare to attempt such provocative consequence, with such simple and easy means. We have not, by no means, have been here to just be popular, but dare to be provocative foremost. If humankind dares to leave the cradle, then it must crawl out of the crib, and be willing to suffer the bruises of such. Please attempt these things, and just give us fair credit. The stars beckon, whilst the blind elite stumble into another ditch. They will try to hold you back, discourage you, and thwart you. Why? They are busy building their personal empires. You who dare to cut across the demarcations of ignorance, build these things, and go on to the stars, ... at 370,000 times the speed of light! This is a new Renaissance! At such extreme conditions of these adventures in time and space, it is far more important of when, than where you are..., and your journey may be lonely, but wondrous!

You stand on a precipice of astounding possibilities, Welcome to the future!

Shadows of Grander Things! How can something so large, be detected subtly, on so small spatial and temporal scales? We live on a planet, yet a moving pendulem, water going down a drain, and a little girl spinning around will notice her limp arms rising! The "shadows" are projections of matter in motion on a small scale, showing existence of a far greater stage! Take a triangle drawn carefully upon a piece of paper as it is sits on a flat table top. On a small scale there is a bias to the appearance of straight and flat. But even below popular resolutions of observation and measurement, subtly the reality of a curvature is evident; at far greater lengths of space-time. In astronomical distances the triangle's summation will increase above 180 degrees of it's angles, and the lines will begin to show the bending appropriate to the local space-time curvature. 

A pendulem period of oscillation, water draining, and the little girls arms demonstrate that a surrounding active geometric exists. For causality is a temporal sequence of action and reaction, and allows us to sense we are on a spherical and spinning planet, even in such small mundane ways. We are a part of a far grander geometry, no longer just abstraction and esoteric, but a mantle of a reality far deeper than it's 4 dimensional surface, which = the speed of light, implies. Kurt Godel, completed Einstein's Field Equations exactly. Our experiments as well, agree with our living in a local observable universe, but a "sunspot" upon a far larger rotating positive curvature and spherical darker Superuniverse. Another very profound finding seems to indicate that objects, whether inertial, or non-inertial, seem to be able to transcend between 3 states : tardyonic, slower than light having mass and momentum, photonics, at light speed and having only momentum, and tachyonic, having negating mass, negative momentum, and in reverse duration of the sequence of time, when in extreme relativistic and quantum situations. Shadows are caused by things not initially seen. Projections of greater geometries.

. The tachyon, relative to our "side" of this greater 5 dimensional sphere carrying other "sunspots" of little local universes, all is rotating! Compress, space to one dimension, and time seems to expand to three dimensions, duration, rotation and expansion. Thus the redshift of any observer in any of the tiny local universes seems to be seeing the Great Curvature of the far larger Superuniverse, otherwise dark to our eyes and others in their own little islands of space-time, that they are only able to see. Each having their own "Big Bang" to surface from the underling deeper mantle. Welcome to the future, and the past, and the present, and far far more! Please ponder our books, Hypersphere, ... A Journey at the Speed of Geometry, and, Odyssey of the Ages!

Tea for Two!... Fascinating how the concept that, "My past is your future...", can be very practical even at short distances, as even across a table while having tea! Consider that Einstein showed that there is no simultaneity, rather that events no matter how distant in space, are limited by the speed of light, are delayed! Of course, this is obvious with a nearby star system being considered, such as Alpha Centauri's two close A and B stars and their companion Proxima Centauri; as we easily contemplate not only distances of space which so surely appears as delays in time, which so I shall illustrate even across a table top! Not only across a table top, but even within any material entity, including the atom! Why? For the answer is that the speed of light is the ultimate speed of a material object having inertia, some call such Tardyons.

 Even between nerve cells, and between the parts there of within molecules and atoms, this occurs. We just don't have most of the time any relevant measurements for such very subtle observations. All is happening so fast that we tend to easily overlook the consequences of such delays in time caused by a photon crossing any distance in space, in our small macroscopic world of such nearnesses.

Now for our Tea for Two, across one meter between two people at such a table, we have about 3nS of delay of what they each see of the other, as light crosses about a 1/3rd of a meter in 1nS. And and for other factors as the speed of sound for their respective voices in conversation, in this an estimated 3mS delay for argument and illustration.

Again simultaneity is a grand enough of illusion that they have a wonderful and interesting exchange in conversation. Realizing their respective time delays are not even to be aware of, yet they are there. Each one's past is the other's respective future. As the delayed light of each one's face is received by the eyes of the other and the more delayed vocalizations by the other's ears, then each persons perceives per their fleeting now and future, actually the past of the other. So one's past is the other's future! We are all time travelers as well as space travelelers, and the events we think we are sharing so intimately are delayed by the speed of light and the speed of sound, no matter how subtle and seemingly irrelevant. On farther stretches of space, the phenomenon is far more pronounced to be very important as per the delay in the transmission and reception of signals to and from our present spacecraft exploring our Solar System, and those on their way just beyond our Sun's local neighborhood. Please read our scientifically related books, and ponder and wonder far beyond even that which is so seemingly mundane. The journey to other times and worlds begins even millimeters, and less, from the tips of our noses, even between our fingers, ... at 370,000 times the speed of light! This is the world of the relative rest speed of the Tachyon, as the "surface velocity" which = c, is so suddenly transcended. The Photon's constant "speed of light surface" velocity, is in reference to our Superuniverse's Event Horizon; when that is crossed, then the sudden fantastic journey so overwhelmingly begins! Welcome to tomorrow and yesterday, and a vastly different experiencing of the "present and now", in contrast to how you had understood it all so seemingly innocently before! Please even attempt to build these things as explained in our publications. Welcome to the future, the past and the present! Enjoy the ride!

What If...

Does inertia, as we seem to know it, end at the scale of the atom? Electrons continuously swarm as a probabilistic cloud around a nucleus without slowing down, if no photon is released from it's shells. The proton should repel another proton, but not in the nucleus, because of what we understand as, the nuclear force, which at a certain scale overcomes this repulsion. At these scales conditions and forces are different in predominance! Could globular clusters that surround galaxies, if they were more isolated from a nearby galaxy, be the possible seeds of a failed galaxy, because of their present proximity to our Galaxy, or any galaxy? 

Some even harbor a black hole in their core. Perhaps they were minor galaxy cores? Is the Hubble "Constant" so increasing because we are floating upon a sharper curvature of the "surface" of our rotating Super-Universe, in which our local observable universe, as a small "sunspot", is "floating"? Could the Super-Universe we are a part of have variations "on" it's "surface", that we would interpret as varying curvatures, and are we are seeing an increase of this "expansion" as our local universe is floating upon a "hill" upon this surface, and the underlying curvature is heightened toward our observation horizon? With the time dimension as predominate, over the space dimensions, and our local observable universe as a curved "sunspot" as it's edges go over the far less to un- observable horizon, could the apparent "red-shift"; and the Alpha "Constant" seems to indicate two different values over the great distance of our local universe from one end to the other; all be indicative of a far larger rotating Super-Universe "black hole"? It's surface undulations are sensed as varying curvatures of space-time? Is this the more plausible and simpler of explanations? When we look into the sky and away from our earth, or even away at any point in even local space, we are looking into the past, back along our world-line. Thus we are as much time travelers as well as space travelers. Invert our known 3D space and 1D of time into mostly unknown 3D time and 1D space, and use this projection of geometry to see more clearly; including the mantle under our Super-Universe's "surface', the tachyon world! What are the consequences of treating geometry as the basis of a grand mechanism? These things have been eluded to substantially in our book, Hypersphere, ...A Journey at the Speed of Geometry.

Supposition?, ... Maybe!, Maybe not!

What if a Temporal/Spatial Probe was

launched Hypergeometrically to the proper temporal point at 330 million

years ago, and spatially, 330 million light years from our own now and here? Suppose, the T/S Probe had a 2016 AD CCD imager and took a couple of pictures, and was able by entanglement and onboard capture and data-keep produce such data? What would it show of that time, as during it's course that it was also at 330 million years ago entangled to the present then and now, and of somewhere on the North American continent of that time? Well, it would be the Carboniferous Period and would be quite like a similar present image of an analogue in our tropic regions of our present 2016 AD and would be very hard to differentiate from between the two times. What would expose the subtle differences would be the finer details of the fauna and flora. Unless, something more rare and larger would appear at the brief moments of image capture. Here we deal with a partial-second glimpse of a span of 330 million years. Mathematically, we would mostly notice that which is most abundant and of the most prolonged in exposure to the partial-second sampling. As in the very small of the Quantum World and the very big of the Cosmic World, the very subtle of clues to where in time and space a measurement or an observation occurs, is uncertain, as per the Uncertainty Principle! Fascinating, as we delve profoundly into Deep Space Travel dependent on Deep Reverse Time Travel on this side of our Suer-Universe's Event Horizon, where our "'much smaller" observable Universe "rides" along with other "much smaller" Universes beyond our ability to observe anymore, as they are "over the horizon" of detection, so to speak. 

Kurt Godel's Rotating Universe is vindicated, as a far larger Spherical Super-Universe. We are but "like sunspots" upon our Sun", as I oft retort, yet this Super-Universe is a 5-Dimensioned (= Inertial Geometry = "Gravity") rotating very large black hole. It's "surface" is the speed of light. This "surface" is not physical, but a velocity, which is "c". It is the mantle to this surface, depending upon which side one exists, that references the direction of entropy and time and it's duration. The "other side" of the Event Horizon of this Super-Universe, to one existing on their "home side" appears as The Tachyon World at a rest velocity of 370,000 time the speed of light in reverse time! Hmmmmmmm, what if ?? Perhaps, it has already happened? Hmmmmmmmmmmm!

Welcome to the future, the past, and a profound view of what is the present, the "here and now"! See our book, Hypersphere, ... A Journey at the Speed of Geometry!

Propensity of Deeper Time to Human History!

Consider this, for a voyage in time of 250 million years ago from our now in the past, and to the future 250 million years from now hence, we would be perceiving our own Earth as quite an alien world.

This 500 million year period is also understood as the time of best environment for multi-cellular life on our planet. Before this and after this "window", the Solar System as we know it, may not have been so benign an environment for the larger multicellular life forms that we are familiar with in the paleontological record, today and in our near future; Deeper Past, and perchance in the equivalent Deeper Future to come. Here the human lifetime, and even human history begins to well pale, and to have our Now, or Present, at such distant points and with out what we know of history, our place in time would slowly become more and more less discerned from the far Deeper Past and the far Deeper Future. It is as though past and future become as undiscrenable as in the Quantum World. Very interesting to also contemplate, as the future can reveal the past, so as the past can reveal the future somewhat. Even in human trends in the Non-linear sequence of Events per linear time measurement with less and less resolution the discernment of past and future becomes smeared more and more, and again we have a Quasi-Quantum perspective of a proportional LACK of discernment of past from future and vis a versa! Thus, what in short term is appearing non-deterministic, is over a far greater term more and more deterministic. The question of "free-will", then has a more realistic limited function set within a greater set of determinism. We humans are more and more limited in our behavior over the far greater of expanse of space and time. Why does history repeat itself? Yes, for those who do not study it; but in the great vaster expanse of space and time, even for the studiers their trends are more and more repeatably evident. It is the finer details of far greater resolutions, that is the more functional property of "free-will" and thus we remain responsible of your decisions. A million ants and repeating their behavior in general for a million years; yet in this afternoon's Sun in our garden, one ant will follow a non-identical path on the sand, compared to another. But over the summer, if recorded, they would trend more and more the same, yet never reaching total identically.Another but, though, if Poincare' is correct, then extend 10 in years to enough exponentially, and yes more and more they become identical. This is a limit, yet is approached. It is so easy for us to presume upon our arrogant importance, but that is fine for this Earth of space and human history of time. Beyond in increasing greater time and space, we are in the Hands of One Whom is but glimpsed in the shorter terms; overwhelming in the greater. Eternity is subtle close by, yet far more profound farther away in space and in time. This is referred to as much in, Hypersphere, ...A Journey at the Speed of Geometry, our first published book.

180 Degrees of an Image Made in 1895 AD? 

What if this is considerably enough of an illustration from our most recent published book, The Time-Space Traveler's Handbook. Here showing two different perspectives at very nearly180º from the midpoint between the left second story window to the street and sidewalk on the opposite side of the that street, and the other perspective from across that street to the very base of that same window! Look at the indicative elements of the period, a late morning of a day in April 1895 AD. The distance from 2010 AD was very close to 115 light years away, and was traversed in almost 3 hours at 370,00 times the speed of light! What if this has already been accomplished? What if the "unbelievable" has already happened? Oh my, well maybe it already has;) This is also refereed to in our book, Odyssey of the Ages, where the details of the journey are accounted for. The window is that apartment of my great great maternal grandfather in his young adult period as he owned and managed the store below just under his apartment. He also owned the building. I would not be conceived and born but 56 and 57 years in the future, respectively, along this same World -Line of Space-Time. At 370,000 times the speed of light the proper reference is Time-Space!

Holes In the Sky?

Perchance, can it be that at local 10:45 am, on 30 November, 2010 AD, and at local 10:30 am, on 16 January, 2016 AD, that each Hole In the Sky was the result of an object far exceeding nominal velocities of presently accepted accelerations of matter? The first, over the Atlantic Ocean, and the second over nearly the Negev Desert, may have proven the the expectations of non-linear oscillations of a Hyper-

sphere at those times? When an object, yet below light speed, whilst at 50% plus of such light speed so suddenly rises and practically leaves such a hole in the atmosphere, it also shakes the ground. The size of the partical no more than a nearly golf ball size, is suddenly by it's momentum a progenitor things supposedly yet to come. 

For a series of moments, the air is split open faster than it can recompose, the sudden streak of light is the extreme traverse of the small object, and the thunderclap to come actually shakes the ground beneath. It may have set off reported seismic measurements as well.

As the object continues, the clouds below are backlit and the turbulence is then witnessed. Already it has achieved 80% of the speed of light. In this scenario, the Hypersphere is quite along to relativistic velocities, in forward but dilated time more and more and already in about 3 seconds well past the Moon! If the Hypersphere is oscillated to the local curvature accurately enough and "slips" into it's new rest velocity of 370,000 times the speed of light, it is a macroscopic tachyon! It is in reverse time and traversing 1 light year per approximately every 1 and 1/2 seconds, till in around 6 minutes, it is about the distance of Alpha Centauri, and about 4.32 years ago! The question is begged, has this already been don with our Hypersphere? 

Has the year 2010 AD been of advantage to some entity here on earth, that the author had first set and proposed the concepts to, whilst many of more possible interests did not consider to pursue? If mathematics, in it's extremes, such as geometry, but now as Hypergeometry as mechanism, is of such fantastic possibilities, then what has God wrought? The very first nation that this author approached was Israel, and perhaps she already has achieved such a level of enough sophistication to actually be the most powerful nation on earth. Perhaps, humanity has already stepped upon those shapes of the things to come, which have arrived, as the primary experiments were over in 2010 AD. Perhaps, the David of modernity, has quite the most fantastic slingshot to overcome any Goliath lying in wait. Perhaps, her dire need for survival, is why Israel may have already be prepared to go to the stars, and experience the Tachyon World, and Tachyon Travel; this author had eluded to in the November, 2014 issue of the British Interplanetary's magazine, Spaceflight. Perhaps, Mr. H G Wells is smiling somewhere. Perhaps already some of the most provocative and profound accomplishments have already been attempted initially with the most of astounding results! The star known as Tabby's star, KIC 8462852, at 1,480 light years away, is only 5.6 days away approximately! But the Hypersphere arrives there 1,480 years ago! Thus long distance spaceflight includes phenomenal temporal effects! Welcome to the future, the past, and a provocative understanding of the non-simultaneity of now, related to other nows, of the present!

Second Published Article In H G WELLS Society's Magazine, The Newsletter, Spring/Autumn 2015, Issue 30! Interpretation of Our Sun In Future Time In, The Time Machine, by H G Wells, by Robert B Cronkhite, yours truley. 

That's right, we are big in UK and the Commonwealth, and going ground in the United States as well! We so do appreciate your encouraging support!

As a member of The H G Wells Society for some years now, I had to add my thoughts into the final stages of our Sun in Mr. Wells wonderful and provocative novel, The Time Machine.

This book was published in 1895 AD and has been so inspirational to many in the physics field as it was for my self in my wee years of 10! Around that time I precociously studied Albert Einstein's, Genereal and Special theories of Relativity, of 1915. These works, one of grand fiction and two of non-fiction physics helped to launch my mind, whilst I was in such sickly straits with recurrent bronchitis and pneumonia in those very young days of my life.

In this article above, I just had published, and I thank my editor, Dr. Maxim Shadurski of Siedlce University in Poland for his very professional efforts, I discuss the final state of our Sun in the future of our planet's history. Please check the H G Wells Society's website and join if you will. It is an active organization and is keeping the literal treasures of Mr. Wells of availability and interest world-wide. I must add that my association with Professor Simon James, the past editor, at Durham University, in the United Kingdom, has been for me as well a complementary. He is wonderful lecturer in the works and studies of H G Wells.

It was the forthright imagination and daring, that the concept of time travel became proliferate by H G Wells. It is my perspective that in the beginning of his work, above mentioned specifically, that he utilized the insights of the works of Herman Minkowski, who was a mentor for Albert Einstein, in the 1880s to 90s, in his placing the ideas of 4D space-time upon 2D paper and blackboard. The famous Minkowski Light Cones for many of you were his origination of these great conceptualizations. I well admit that as I pursued physics, from theoretical dissertation, to experimentation, and these provocative results in hypergeometry, has so well led to the mechanism of The Hypersphere!

The Time-Space Traveler's Handbook! Now Available!

NOW READY for 2015! Yes, the next book that shows YOU, yes you yourself, how to experiment with Hypergeometric Mechanics and prove to yourself, what is possible. Not an easy read, and requires first the deep understanding of Hypergeometry, ...A Journey at the Speed of Geometry, our first book. But this will surely have you realize how easy and close are the greater things, so well missed by established institutions.

This is a pocket guide, so to speak, for the amateur experimenter. If you can achieve what is herein, then perhaps you are one of the many unknown time space travelers amongst us in the present, in the past, and in the future, as it is written, one of the those amongst the great clouds of witnesses!

Already, world-wide with our books and our articles in, The British Interplanetary Society's magazine, Spaceflight, The HG Wells Society's magazine, The Newsletter, and available soon on and Kindle; and available at your better bookstores any where on earth! If you are wondering, and want to attempt, to explore time and space, then this is for you. This is be available NOW! I dare you to go at 370,000 times the speed of light! Welcome to the future, the past, and a far more profound understanding of the present!

The Flash in the Negev! 

In 2010 AD, was there a small flash in the Negev? And so if there was, did the Hypersphere for the first time, on a large scale actually achieve it's designs? At the time, and since, there was never much interest, except for those in such theory and experimentation; how would such a machine be able to actually function? What most may have considered so esoteric and abstract, may have achieved far more powerful effects than so many never dared to consider! By 2010 AD, after 12 years of theoretical dissertation, 7 years of experimentation, and 3 years of provocative results, someone may have allowed a far more professional test of such. At 370,000 times the speed of light, in reverse time, one light year is only around 1 and 1/2 minutes away! But how can such a counter-intutitve function be?

Consider this...

Humans like Euclidian Geometries, Kepler Orbits, Linear Functions, and Harmonic Oscil-

lations. Why? Because they offer the comfort of periodicity and easy to understand structure and function. But that seems to be our Decoherent, Forward Time Only, Local Observational Space-Time Universe. These things make sense and so when Geometry is Extreme, we approach and enter Non-Euclidian Geometries, Non-Kepler Orbits, Non-Linear Functions, and Non-Harmonic Oscillations, where mathematical things are really more efficient, and are more reflecting of the Quantum and Relativistic Worlds at the "Edge" of our experience, even the "Reddened Edge" of our Local Observational Universe. In these extremes, time becomes more predominate, in forward and reverse, and space is so curved that it eventually reduces upon itself and becomes less pronounced. Our Decoherent World becomes Coherent, and the far more substantial is the provocative possibilities we so comfortably discount. This is the realm of the Hypersphere as Geometric Machine. Mechanistically, so counter-intutitve are it's attributes; to those that we consider by our prejudice to be "normal", is very convoluted at these extremes. Again, in spacecraft, Non-Kepler Orbital Mechanics are far more efficient than Keplerian, and this is practical in our Space Age applications of satellites and spaceprobes. So thus, in these seemingly more "chaotic" functions, the greater efficiency of fuel and application is already pronounced. Now expand this to the greater scales, and smaller scales around us. Now we glimpse this Edge of more extreme geometries, and find that to cross great expanses of space, we require time effects with the extreme articulations of a geometric machine, like the Hypersphere. Now all such becomes far less counterintuitive, whilst far more provocative.

Welcome to the future, and the past, and a more understanding of the present, of here and now, of our medium scales of space-time. Beyond is Time-Space at each extended extreme!

Where Are They?

Perhaps, a possible answer to why we seem to not find distinctive evidence of any other advanced civilizations, is perhaps we are submerged too well within our own paradigm of definition or sets of definitions of such. Could it be with the evidence of historical and archaeological repeatedly demonstrated by each generation; of what we define as "civilized", is not civilized at all, or so far removed from the true definition of it? We see in other species tool use and we see intelligence, all Non-human in comparison to our own skills at such. Also to behave not much in difference of function as bacterial colonies when looked at grander time and space scales, than our "Empire-Builders" allow; who we in turn allow to lead us as "governments" really are just far more advanced polished forms of feudalism. 

Ask the wrong question, and

any significant intelligent and mature and ethical debate is quickly truncated! This is perhaps, not what we define correctly as is real civilization. We can only look to how our own governments and those who really control them, despite pseudo-philanthropy, really are trying to maintain a status-quo that favors those in control, whilst conniving those few whom dare to think of new things and dream of greater times and worlds. If a "civilization" so thus self-defining, has such a remarkable problem of finding other Non-human advanced civilizations, may it dare to question itself, if it really knows what "civilization" really entails? Here we see the Praetorian Guard, the military elite who were then really running Rome, choosing Claudius as emperor. Then, as today, Claudius was the "public figure", whilst behind the scenes, he was allowed his position and power in servitude to those Praetorians actually in power in Ancient Rome! We have not come very far, despite our technology and supposed knowledge, Wisdom and along with that ethics, is a scale of factors much more beyond what we have failed to attain in governing ourselves. If our "civilization" were a stock on the market, and knowing it's history, would you buy it? Where are they? Perhaps, we do not really know what we are looking for properly? Architecture for a Third American Republic, intellectually considers if humans can truly govern themselves! ON SALE since 2013 AD. Yes, some questions are afraid to be answered!

Scales within Scales, Could Reality Be Cosmic to Macroscopic to Microcosmic to Cosmic?

With the intrigue of a smearing of Cosmic and Quantum scales at the extremes of space-time geometry; could we speculate that our Macro-sopic world be just a hysteresis within a greater spectrum of such scales? If in Cosmic and Quantum scales there is an equivalence of such, that there is no perceptible difference between forward and reverse time, or at least the sequence of events, and that Non-locality and 

tunneling and entanglement are just scale manifestations of the same thing, and that only within our island of decoherence, where things seem to be so linear and sequential is but a local illusion; ... then what are we to say of the Local Observable Universe, and it's supporting structures and functions? Are the supporting elements of such, the Tachyon World, with the rest velocity of 370,000 times the speed of light, are really of some reference to our perspective? Are these questions so profound that their possible answers make us feel uncomfortable? At least the contemplations for the answers we seek, provoke our thinking beyond the common syllabus preferred. The book to come is, The Time-Space Traveller's Handbook.It is so provocative, that it places within the explorer's hand a match. One can ask themselves, as I often do, "If God has given me the proper match, shall I light it?" Perhaps in our age of paradigms, we still need to break with routine, though always stay in scientific discipline. Perhaps, we have already struck such a match and a fire is now lit. This fire is of applied mathematics as mechanism. Such can humankind dare to glimpse? We have explored where no one cared to contemplate, and in this projection of geometries that extend beyond common regimen, we have already found new times and new worlds. It seems more and more that our observable universe is but an island of 4-D upon a rotating Superuniverse of 5-D. "Gravity" is replaced with Inertial Geometry, and the shadows of Hyperspace are in deed the substrate of the more apparent reality, we so seem to think we understand. From quantum computers to celestial mechanics, a far more brave new times and worlds far far beyond the implications of Mr. Huxley, has already opened. Time-space is the 1/x of space-time, and it's implications are far more profound than anticipated. It is so much different at 370,000 times the speed of light! This fire is lit and is setting thoughts on fire. Careful, for one has to remember fire burns! Welcome again, ... to the future!

Exploring Our Galaxy!

This represents our Milky Way Galaxy,

and our Sun and it's planets, including our Earth are orbiting toward Cygnus, very approximately, and we are in the orion "Spur" as some understand it. Now a Hypersphere tunnel/entangled from around 42 degrees North, and left to run for around 170 hours, can travel over 7,000 lights years in space! The consequence? It has also traveled over 7,000 years back in time. What if this has already been done in 2010 AD? What if in the expanse of 7,000 years on this scale, that the astrophysical information, the perspective, the profound wonder is really still of great relevance? Of course, on scales of great time and great space, our perspective of "here and now" is almost irrelevant, but in generalities, these greater scales of space and time are of spectacular relevance! 

To realize that such is obtainable because Non-linearity has far more potential for distance in time and space, where both are bi-directioanl in these extremes. Consider this, that the cosmic ray counts are higher in the "northern" area above our Galaxy's plane, as well as temperatures do vary because of density differentials within the plane and above it for some distance. In the direction towards our Galactic core, cosmic ray counts are higher too! The red line designates the Hypergeometric Chord if traced upon our Galaxy, yet all that is in red was actually the course through the Tachyon Mantle underlying the 4-D space we observe. Whilst the Chord is the shortest distance for above light speed (370,00 times the speed of light) and appears in it straight, while our light surfaced space time is quite curved. From our Sun to Alpha Centauri, light travels its supposedly straight line, whilst the Hypergeometric chord is far far shorter! That's around 4.32 light years versus around 6 minutes! Hmmm, perhaps this is very telling upon the understructure of our observable universe? Interesting. On these scales is not the cosmic and relativistic world more like the quantum world? If one could translate the Galactic core's subtle light fluctuations over time to sound, it would roar as to electronic ears, like that which is presently done with our Sun's surface fluctuations! Are these some of those shapes of the things to come, and have they already arrived? 2010 AD, had been the beginning of even more provocative results! Odyssey of the Ages is about all this and much more! The primary experiments have been over for some time, more advanced ones have proceeded! ON SALE VERRRRY SOON!

Time Dilation and Slowed Clocks, ... and More!

When Time Dilation occurs, all mechanical motion slows, and the greater the Lorentzian effects, the slower and the slower time passes. All this is indicated upon a clock, watch, and the local periodics of mechanical functions from atoms, molecules, from bacteria to cats and dogs and all biology; and then to machinery and vehicles and other apparatus within the local envelope of such. With the Hypersphere, it is such local and detectable manifestations at least for a radius of around 500 Km / around 300 miles, and the effect appears to follow the Inverse Cube Law, like tidal action between the Moon upon the Earth's oceans. With a Hypersphere there is a sphere of influence, and if upon a surface the radius is more apparent as a radial distance from the 'sphere's oscillations. But whilst the spherical influence does exist above and below, in the sky and into the ground. If the Hypersphere is orbiting it is the lower part of the sphere of influence that can be detected on the surface of the Earth. These are preliminary things, as now we have far surpassed the early experiments and are more involved with the tunneling aspects as well. 

All is important, but

as more and more is learned, it does seem that at the extremes of geometry as we know it, mechanism exhibits more and more coherence of interaction. There is a blurring of quantum, classical, and relativistic, as if each is only just a shade of the other. At the extremes of the very cold, the very fast, and the suddenly very heavy in a certain limit of space; what is in one shade is now expanded in larger scale within the other shades. In the very extreme, Alpha Centauri's suns are around 4.32 light years away in forward time, at c; but rather after a Hypersphere fades through an Event Horizon, these same suns in Alpha Centauri are only around 6 minutes away! Though the consequence is that at 370,000 times c for this "Tachyon-like" Hypersphere, it has arrived around 4.32 years ago! Oh my, welcome to the future, and the past, and a more profound sense of the present!

Odyssey of the Ages ... AVAILABLE ON SALE WORLD WIDE !

ON SALE! This one will take the extreme physics of Hypergeomtry, as if one would actually attempt what has been proposed and experimented on before, in my previous books; then what you would experience! Within this book are explained such, "Personal Journeys of Time and Space at 370,000

Times the Speed of Light!", effects. Is it easier to think of it as "science fiction", or does one dare to consider such herein as having already occurred?

ODYSSEY of the AGES, on the book shelves NOW! The primary experiments are over, .... so, Welcome to the future!,... the past, and what may astound you of the present!

We are in November, 2014 Issue of The British Interplanetary Society's Spaceflight Magazine!​

My friends and colleagues my article on Tachyon Travel, and the article is, The Tachyon World, by yours truly, Robert B Cronkhite, is the first article and mentioned on the front page. Thanks to Mr. David Baker, the editor, for his consideration for it's presentation therein. It is intended to provoke debate and challenge to the considerations of possibilities of travel that far exceed the speed of light and the dramatic consequences of such. This article is the result of our experimentations and such resulting dissertations also found within our book, HYPERSPHERE, ... A JOURNEY AT THE SPEED OF GEOMETRY, which is available world wide on the web at, on, "Our Books ON SALE", page. As a British Interplanetary Society member myself, I encourage all of you to really consider supporting, and even joining The British Interplanetary Society and help all of us finally reach the stars, even many times faster than the speed of light! 

Life and Liberty Promised, ... But Realized In The Bahamas!

Ballad O' Stone, by Robert B Cronkhite, in 1975 AD, along with a past association's updates in the last few years! ON SALE World-wide at the most finest bookstores, and on Amazon and Kindle!

After 40 years of research and writing! Years following after, The First American Civil War, propagated as just," The War of 1812", .... there was...

The War Between The States or The Second American Civil War! This war was more propagandized as, "The American Civil War" after the war; and for the real studiers of history, it was just another historical piece of evidence that the original intentions of the American Confederation of States of 1776, was not as idealistic as practiced.

The result is this book, Ballad O' Stone, with this background based on research upon the fuller history, whilst a character of a common everyday person living in this melee of power and confusion, who has to pursue alone and then with others, "The American Dream", but has to escape to the Bahamas of the British Commonwealth to find it! Now in it's final form!

Please enjoy browsing our website and entertaining our provocatively different views of space and time.

NOW ON SALE!!, ... on, our latest!

This is the revised edition, and is available anywhere books are sold. It soon will be on Kindle!


By Robert B Cronkhite!

..., "Welcome to the future! Now you too, dare to build these things!"

NOW ON SALE!,.... yes we have a second book on sale, debating self-government of humans by humans, based on mathematical and scientific perspectives, as well as history, particularly of the present condition of the United States!

It is provocative and food for cool and heated debates!


It is available on and anywhere books are sold!

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