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My background in physics has been in universities in the United States and Germany. Starting in the 1990's I have done research on the extremes of space time, geometry and mechanism, and inertial geometry, non-inertial geometry, imaginary number theory, information theory, and the superposition constant, which were very consequential to these prospective studies.

My book, "Hypersphere...A Journey at the Speed of Geometry", is the result of 12 years of theoretical dissertation, 7 years of experimentation and 3 years of provocative results. There are continuing developments, as we speak! I have been and am a member of the HG Wells Society, Durham, UK, the British Interplanetary Society, London, England, UK, The Lewis Carroll Society, London, England, UK, and the United States Naval Institute, Annapolis, MD, USA for several years. I've published articles in the British Interplanetary Society's magazine, Spaceflight, and the HG Wells Society's magazine, The Newsletter. I've authored 5 books and am still working on more, and experimenting more! Watch for Issue 33 of The Lewis Carroll Society's magazine, The Carrollian, coming out this year, 2019!

I am available for lectures by emailing me on this website.

Professor Robert B Cronkhite

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