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British Interplanetary & Wells Societies!

Ladies & Gentlemen,
We are now members of the British Interplanetary Society, London, UK, and the  H G Wells society of Durham, UK. We have many of you around the world now checking us out, and we thank you for your interest.
Take care and dare to think, especially wonder.
Let's strike our cosmic matches, and set the world on fire with grand new things .... as the rocket is obsolete, ... let's each of head to the stars at 370, 000 times the speed of light. Hypergeometric Mechanics sure has quite the consequences!

Very Intriguing! (An in-depth entry!)

Ladies and Gentlemen,
     It was Einstein that said in his Block Time, that the past and future are as real as the present. We propose that the present is only "so real" because we are so kinetically interactive in it. While the only reason the past and future are "not as real" is because we are seemingly not kinetically active with them. In the quantum world and the extreme relativistic world, past and future are actually difficult to discern! In seemingly "only" the present is the kinetic to noise ratio strong enough to seem to us to be the Interactive realm.

St Augustine...

It was St Augustine that said, "My God is the Maker of worlds...", and I would like to add of my own words in agreement and addendum, "... and the Destroyer of such!"  Ladies and gentlemen, the primary experiments have been over since 2010 AD, ... the rocket is obsolete, ... the implications, as I so often relate, of the application of theoretical geometry to practical mechanism is provocative. We are talking of the culmination of three succeeding experiments, ... The Temporal Diffraction Grating, or the "Where Is Now Experiment", then followed by the Hyperplane,  utilizing a rotating laser beam and appropriate detectors in an simulation of a photonic forward and frozen and reversed sequencing of a stream of binary sequencing of data, and finally the climactic, Hypersphere!

Now On YouTube

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now on YouTube:) We have two up now, and are working on a grand third, ... a demonstration!, ... we plan to have more as well. We do have a hard copy of our book, Hypersphere, ... A Journey At The Speed Of Geometry, and it is being revised for publication for Amazon! We are also working on three more books to follow suit. We are planning for lectures as well, ... provocative  lectures... for I'm not here to be popular, ..., as I would rather provoke your minds and imaginations to new possibilities to the stars, .

The Tachyon World

We now have an article circulating called, The Tachyon World, and it is a summerization of the deeper  concepts of these theoretical dissertations on Hypergeometry.
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