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Shapes of New Things Coming!

Ladies & Gentlemen,
     We are working on some new things as of this writing. We have spent the last three months in Florida, though very nice, we were very busy. Interests are high in our Hypergeometric Mechanics and some are wanting us to pursue theory and experiment farther.
     We are considering some more benign methods of public demonstration along with lecture, whether domestic in the United States or foreign. These amongst our received academic and public interest of such to better understand or even for the first time, to peer into the concepts involved and their resultant effects. Right now preparing for some adequate firm to build for the public a demonstrator of The Hypersphere, we are pursuing.
     We are in preparation for another three videos. One about The Hypersphere, another on the thesis behind the book, Architecture For A Third American Republic, in our political science studies. And one more involved with a furtherance one of the above, or for the third book being prepared.
     Back in 2010, Israel was well receiving our Hypergeometric work, and then we began to offer more to the public and to the rest of those in academia interested around the world. At the time no one else seemed interested in these things, or had difficulty understanding it. Most empires, want to build empires, and could care less to go to the stars! Now there is more interest and has been founded upon the student and academic, and all others of the more far sighted of our kind. The principles are so simple in concept and a bit  difficult to mechanize, while the results are provocative!,... yet just giving us fair credit, a student could build these things upon their kitchen table! It is the common student and garage eccentric that is closer to tomorrow, than the many institutions intoxicated by profit and politics!
     One of our more fascinating findings according to our work with the Temporal Diffraction Grating, which is eluded to in, Hypersphere, ... A Journey At The Seed Of Geometry, both editions, is understanding that the perception of "now" or "The Present" is very proportionally based on the approach and recession between two objects observing and measuring an event series. On far greater distances and speeds, such things are obvious and relevant. On far smaller local common experienced distances and speeds, such things are still occurring but with much less apparent relevance. Actually, for all practical purposes, basically irrelevant, though no less real.
     Time Dilation still occurs relativistically between our two observational and measuring places, but the addition of approach or recession allows those two places to experience different "Nows". Consider, at a range of  5 billion light years, the direction of one running to or from, can relevantly affect the one moving place by one hundred earth years into the future, or the past, respectively! Now speed things up and get much closer and all this is far far more amplified! Thus at the extreme of the geometry of physics, even now on a local macroscopic range, we are experience Hypergeometric effects that are far more astounding. 
     To travel in space or to travel in time, one affects the other. We are all space travelers, and time travelers!
     Everything is promoted that is linear basically. Non-linear, such as oscillations, can be articulated as well, and spatially confined effects with still temporally unconfined effects!
     Welcome to the future, and the past, and the ever passing present. The past and future are as real as now, just depending on approach or recession and speed and distance!
Robert B Cronkhite


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telicando marafecco on Thursday, October 30, 2014 6:21 PM
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oz essay review on Thursday, June 20, 2019 9:00 AM
Your work on the Hypergeometric mechanics is innovative and valuable. You have shared your research throughout the world. I have also studied your work and I reckon that your work is opening new gates of knowledge for us to explore.
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dissertation writing support on Sunday, June 30, 2019 2:21 AM
Hypersphere,or higher dimensional spheres, sadly have no application in the real world as of yet. However, it doesn't preclude the need to study and explore it further until it finds relevance in the modern world. Similar to Numbers Theory, which just a few decades ago was considered useless math, but it has found relevance in various areas of security. Hypersphere is purely theory at this point, but who knows if higher dimensional equations can explain phenomenons such as the Big Bang Theory?
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