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Is Hypersphere A Relativistic/Quantum Computer?

Ladies & Gentlemen,
Bonjour, Gutten Tag, Buenas Dias, Dobrieya Dyen, v'Shalom!
As the pursuance in high academic fevers continue in the research and development of Quantum Computers continues, there is some relevance to Hypersphere as a Relativistic/Quantum Computer. This consideration is based upon our universe as information. Being in such consideration, then we can also perceive Hypersphere on a macrocosmic scale such a computation/kinetic mechanism.
     Some interesting definitions are in order though. In our studies since the 1990s into the first stage of practical operations, we have always had to redefine some concepts of common nomenclature. For example, "gravity" as Inertial Geometry. An "orbit" in celestial mechanics, as Inertial Buoyancy.  The acceptance of the reality in operations of "imaginary" numbers and "irrational" numbers as Extended Reals and Extended Rationals of quantifications.  This is to consider as a mechanistic reality the realm of hyperspace-time and the associated function of Geometric Machines in such environments, that have so long been underestimated as reality.
     Keeping all this as a summary, lets try to look at a macrocosmic system in an interesting 
low Inertial Geometric or low "gravitational" environment. consider what most call an "orbit", but we call Inertial Buoyancy. In this environment, the Hypersphere, as a non-linear oscillator, is circling the earth as a mass with little influence from the surrounding "field" of "gravity" or bette from the curvator of the local Inertial Geometric. Such as a low mass atom or subatomic particle in a quantum computer. In this environment quantum mechanical effects are much more obvious. So much so, that accompanying relativistic ones are more too.
In this environment the Hypersphere can be a "qubit" and more than one, a matrix of "qubits". Such a cubical matrix of  one millimeter hyper spheres in a cube of  1 meter by 1 meter by 1 meter, is also a computational processor. 
     Such was reportedly discreetly done by us and one of our interested parties in 2011 AD with very interesting results.  
But even as an isolated single entity, as one single Hypersphere, the hypergeometric mechanics are very provocative. Most of our lectures have been without much in demonstration, for  to effectively demonstrate is not without risk For such extreme geometrical physical manifestation is not conducive to biology without the accompanying protections. The extremes of any environment require security whether in the oceans, in space or in hyperspace-time. Even articulation of low level (as per solely photonic) Event Horizons is in need of wise and safe use. 
     As we have been saying for years, with more imitators presently bringing us flattery in rhetoric, we repeat our original invitation, "Welcome to the future!", yet we have said in addition, "the past and the present!" And what we are preparing to daringly demonstrate, we say, "You ain't seen nothin' yet!"
Robert B Cronkhite

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hfdh on Wednesday, May 04, 2016 2:40 AM
Reply to comment on Thursday, June 14, 2018 2:49 AM
Technology is really amazing. Every day something is being invented or improved. This blog blew my mind because of the wonders of science and the mystery of the universe. We never knew if we can go back to the past or skip in the future. That would be amazing. Keep being curious. Keep on writing stuff like these that would help us understand how the world revolves.

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