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Orbital Effects of a Hypersphere

Ladies and Gentlemen,
It has been a very busy several months and actually over a year and a half of intense work on the oscillations of a Hypersphere, in motion at normally sub-light velocities.. First we are active with our Societies. The H.G Wells Society and the British Interplanetary Society, in particular. We encourage you, who would like to get involved, to join these two Societies in particular. Active membership is a great way to interface with our kindred in thought and imagination, and even in constructs of such grand schemes as we enjoy to explore in time and space.
In relation to experiments, there have been endeavours made for at sea, at the surface and meters/feet below with total submersion. Also in aircraft and onboard orbital spacecraft.
Though a Hypersphere is capable of tunneling and entanglement, there are other sub-light uses. One is an element of a cubic array, as a macroscopic quantum computer, amongst other provocative novelties, that most organizations have failed even to dream of. Sadly, most organizations related to "empire building" have through human history missed great opportunities, whilst ignoring the so many quieter voices in the wilderness. Again, I emphasize it is the amateur, and disregarded, but driven individual, that makes the grandest discoveries, ... so to you as such, keep trying!
In the coming months results shall be forthcoming after allowing for the digestion of such informative results (data reduction, as the preferred terms of such as commonly expressed).
The orbital effects are interesting as it showcases upon the Hypersphere's underlying footprint, over prescribed surface areas upon the Earth, and in the future any other celestial body.
Thank you all for your encouragements and sharing!
Robert B Cronkhite

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Dick West on Sunday, January 17, 2016 6:04 PM
Interesting observations of your web site.. As a novice, it is always interesting to explore new things. With my extensive background in Military "things"... and over 35 years in the Ministry...preaching the Gospel Message..Jesus Christ and Him crucified...the benefits of the message of the Cross. I find your site to be a challenge and will (over time) have more comments. It is nice to plug into... the thinking (your hypothesis) and even explore (thinking outside the BOX..) a simple number 3,4, even 5...dimensions. For a short beginning... consider the Bible, Genesis Chapter One.. The Story of Creation. "in the beginning God created the heavens and earth.." A study I did for two years with the "truth project" from "Focus on the Family, Dobson". So with that...the study of the universe. Have to run...later.. Dick
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Fmovies on Monday, May 21, 2018 11:05 AM
Science could be very tremendous discipline and a number of young guys excited about to it. I want you all of the very best for future.
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rush my essays on Sunday, May 19, 2019 4:44 PM
Orbital effects of a hypersphere are amazing for me to read about. It is an informational post for the students as well because they have to do a lot about it.
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Anonymous on Sunday, June 09, 2019 2:01 AM
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essay writers australia on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 7:37 PM
What effects are you talking about? I don't get it. Sorry.
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ukessays on Monday, June 17, 2019 10:49 PM
I know that it has been a tough year for all of you, however, it is really good to know that you were able to survive it. There might be lots of struggles but what matters the most right now is the fact that you are all able to turn this event into a successful one. I must say that I am so proud of what you have achieved. It's so nice as well to read some updates from you because I have been waiting for it since the day that I have discovered your site. Thank you so much for sharing this and I am hoping you will be successful in everything that you do.
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