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We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and custom options. 

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This is where YOU, the amateur, can attempt the experimentation to glimpse

upon those just beyond the threshold of present resolution of our observations and measurements of space-time and it's subtle effects upon mass and light. Here the shadows between the shadows, and the not so silences between the silences in the very quiet, are where only nano and millimeters away are where time becomes predominate, thusly time-space is the much more intuitive, rather than the the counterintuitive of less resolutions of measurements. At these far smaller scales, quantum and relativity seem to now demonstrate a similarity at which at first has been considered a vast separate spectrum. Here is where 370,000 times the speed of light, and reverse time is normal. Actually, it is the rest speed and direction of a far different mantle of reality, of so many having not considered such a deeper substrate of our observable universe. In fact, it begs to consider a Superuniverse of local universes floating upon this mantle! The surface is a velocity, and where 100 years ago, and 100 years from now, is only just nearly 2 and 1/2 hours away! Find out now for yourself! Just give me fair credit, and build these things! Welcome to the future, and the past, an da far more profound understanding what we perceive as the present! Between your fingers, is the traverse of light years!

Here is where our books can be so easily accessed quickly!

NOW ON SALE! This is science applied with advanced geometry, that has the consequences of resulting philosophical implications on one's own very personal experience! It is as if YOU, YOURSELF, have dared to actually do what has been shared in this work! As extreme as you mechanize the active aspects of Hypergeometry, thus as extreme are it's experience for YOU, YOURSELF! Within you will discover what is just beyond mainstream humankind's resolution of measurement and resulting observation of time and space. Consider, that for even a child such glimpses of such profound things, are possible. Humankind has to have established mathematical and scientific basis to realistically ascertain those things below their present state of resolution of their particular age. Consider, that with enough cryogenics, with enough patient fortitude, and forgetting quick renumeration, one bothers to go ahead with such experimentations. We dare you to attempt what is within this work! All is based on established historical mathematics and science since the 17th century until now! Welcome to the future, the past, and a provocative new view of the temporal present! Available world-wide on Amazon and Kindle and wherever fine books are sold!

Ballad O' Stone, perhaps there is far more to the "Civil War of 1861 to 1864"? 

By Robert B Cronkhite in 1975 AD, and in the last few year updated some, along with a past association, to what Mr. Cronkhite had written over 40 years ago! Though a fiction, it is based on historical facts and tries to have the reader actually living in those times in a very personal yet moving writing that fills in much to the life of some of those whom have not bee remembered through history. Much genealogical research had been done of Mr. Cronkhite's actual great-great grandfather, Robert B Cronkhite, with the same name. He was on the draft rolls in June 1863. From weather conditions to intriguing just now being realized more subtle events, leads the reader to romance and to adventure and even fast action! ON SALE, in the finest bookstores around the world, and on Amazon and Kindle!

Below is, Hypersphere, ... A Journey at the Speed of Geometry. It is the scientific basis of the Hypergeometric Mechanics involved in much of our websites dissertations.

Also available on Amazon and Kindle and and where in all fine bookstore world-wide!


Architecture for a Third American Republic

Are we truly able to govern ourselves? Based on mathematics and physics, also psychology and sociology, rather than outright ideological dreams; is self-government supported by history, at least for long periods of time? This book is NOW ON SALE, wherever books are sold worldwide, also by Robert B Cronkhite!

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